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Deal A Day – From Britain’s Coupon Kid

Jordon has been deal hunting for 11 years, and scours the web for the best deals every single day. Now, you can get access to the hottest deals without lifting a finger, letting him do all the legwork for you.
He is a regular presenter on shows such as This Morning and Steph’s Packed Lunch, and can often be seen popping up on TV & Radio, teaching people how to get the best deals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What deals can I expect to receive?
It can be a real mix of offers – from free gym membership, to a free main meal at your local restaurant. With a new deal each day, you’re sure to find some that suit you.
How much can I save?
The average deal, if claimed saves users around £8 a day. So if you claimed every single deal, you’re looking at £3,000+ worth of savings a year.
The most a subscription will cost is £3.50/month, and you’ll save on average £8 a day.
Even if you only claim one deal every month – you’ve profited on the membership.
What is the difference between free and paid for subscription?
If you sign up for free email alerts, you’ll get an email at the end of each week with a few deals we’ve sent out over the last few days.
Premium subscriptions will get deals once a day, and will get first dibs as soon as they are released. Some deals don’t last until the end of the week, so this is the way to guarantee you get your hands on them.
How does payment work?
If you choose to sign up for a subscription, you’ll be taken to our partner Stripe to complete payment.
The total amount payable when signing up will be £0 with the free trial in effect, but money will be taken after the 14 day period.
Once sign up is complete, you’ll be automatically enrolled for Deal A Day emails. Keep an eye out each morning after that for the deals!
Check our T&Cs for full information
How do I change or cancel my subscription?
When you’re signed up for Deal A Day, you’ll find payment options at the bottom of each daily email, where you can manage your subscription.
If you’re a free member, but want to join as a paid member – you’ll find options on your weekly newsletter to upgrade.
But if you do get stuck – feel free to get in touch with us on
How is this any different from forums/Facebook Groups?
The deals you tend to find on forums and Facebook groups can be incredibly random. You’d often have to search for a while to find something that you’d be interested in.
We take the searching out of it for you, and send you deals which are interesting, So if you like a deal, but don’t have time to search – Deal A Day might be for you.
If you’re already an avid bargain hunter, you might already know about some of our deals… but we might have some that you’ve missed.
In the future, we’re looking to offer exclusive deals that you can only get by being a subscriber also. Along with personalisation options of the deals sent to you.
Who Is Jordon Cox?
Jordon is known as ‘Britain’s Coupon Kid’, and has been bargain hunting for 11 years.
He is a regular contributor to Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4, and often appears on television, radio and print talking about the best deals.
He once got a £600 supermarket shopping trip for 4p, by using supermarket coupons, and also travelled from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin to save £8 on a train journey.
Safe to say, he knows his stuff, and will go to extreme lengths to get a good deal.

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